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Openings on the State EMS Committee

05/13/11  Statewide

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems Program (EMS/TS) is charged with the responsibility of oversight and regulation of Oregon First Responders, EMTs, and licensed transporting agencies.

These responsibilities include promulgating the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) that pertain to EMS personnel and equipment and for assuring that there is compliance with the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) and the Oregon Administrative Rules.

The State EMS Committee is responsible for advising the EMS/TS concerning these duties.

Six members of the State EMS Committee have terms ending.  The positions, which are established in state statute, are:

  • 1 physician who's practice consists of routinely treating emergencies, including but not limited to cardiovascular illness or trauma;
  • 1 person representing governmental agencies that provide ambulance services;
  • 1 volunteer ambulance operator;
  • 2 Emergency Medical Technicians, one in which must be an EMT-Basic;
  • 1 nurse who has served at least two years in the capacity of an emergency department nurse.

In addition to meeting these position requirements, the State EMS Committee must also have at least one member from each Area Trauma Advisory Board region and not more than three representatives in any one ATAB region.  This means that at least one person must be from ATAB 9 and only one person can be from ATAB 1.

Interested individuals must contact   with a resume and letter of interest no later than May 31, 2011. If selected you will be committing to attending meeting of the State EMS Committee which meets on Fridays four times a year at 1:30 PM at the Portland State Office Building at 800 NE Oregon Street, Portland, OR 97232.