SIRUM Charitable Pharmacy

07/13/16  Portland, Ore.

SIRUM Charitable Pharmacy helps unisured/underinsured Oregonians get their prescriptions.

About SIRUM Charitable Pharmacy

SIRUM Charitable Pharmacy fills prescriptions for uninsured and underinsured Oregonians and operates completely with donated medicine under Oregon's Charitable Prescription Drug Program (ORS 689.770).

Eligible patients include those who:

  1. have insurance but cannot afford the co-pays/deductibles, or
  2. do not have insurance.

You can access SIRUM's live inventory online:

Current Partners

SIRUM Partner Clinics include Northwest Human Services, The Rinehart Clinic, Salem Free Clinics, and Umpqua Community Health Center.

"The Rinehart Clinic has been working with SIRUM Charitable Pharmacy for several months and they have been a terrific resource for our patients. We receive needed medications quickly. Communication between Clinic staff and SIRUM staff is excellent. Most of all SIRUM staff are always looking for ways by which they can assist our patients." - Marge Jozsa, CEO, The Rinehart Clinic (Wheeler, OR)

To date, SIRUM has redistributed over $5 million of medicine, enough to supply 150,000 patients. Their work has been funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, California HealthCare Foundation and Recent press includes The New York Times, NPR's Marketplace, and Smithsonian Magazine.

If you are interested in learning more, Amy Chen (; 503-985-6008) to answer questions or schedule an in-person meeting.