A Message from HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

01/23/13  Nationwide

I want to share with you some exciting news as we prepare for the enrollment of millions of Americans through the new Health Insurance Marketplace.

Today, we are re-launching HealthCare.gov to include new information about the Marketplace, where families and small businesses will be able to easily compare and purchase high-quality health insurance plans starting October 1, 2013, with coverage beginning January 1, 2014.

I’m so proud of the incredible work our department has done over the last two years to implement the Affordable Care Act. And today, I want to ask even more of you. Be a part of getting America covered. It ALL begins with YOU.

Starting today, you can help get the word out about the Marketplace and HealthCare.gov to your family members, your neighbors and your networks. Tell them it’s not too soon to check out the site for tips and things they can do now to prepare for enrollment in October. And, to make sure to sign up for emails or text message updates, so they don’t miss a thing when it’s time to enroll.

When key parts of the health care law take effect, individuals will be able to go to HealthCare.gov to buy insurance from qualified private health plans and check if they are eligible for financial assistance all in one place, with a single application. Many people will be eligible for a new kind of tax credit to help pay their premium costs. If a state is running its own Marketplace, HealthCare.gov will direct people to the right place.

Thanks to you, hard-working families across the country will be able to get the security of affordable health insurance coverage and the care they deserve.


Kathleen Sebelius