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The Oregon Public Health Flu Hotline and Nurse Triage Service Webinar

04/05/10  Portland, OR

Oregon Department of Human Services recently hosted a webinar on the Oregon Public Health Flu Hotline.

From the webinar's introduction:

"Taking a cue from similar services elsewhere in the United States, such as Minnesota Public Health, Oregon Public Health established a "flu hotline" as a public outreach and information tool - specifically, to help people find vaccine and answer basic questions about H1N1 and the H1N1 vaccine. This is the "information and referral" component of the hotline."

"Even though we focused the hotline on H1N1 when we began, we broadened the scope for calltakers to respond to questions about seasonal flu and seasonal flu vaccine. We did that because we had a separate service available for seasonal flu, and in order to avoid public confusion, it made the best sense to combine them."

"It's better thought of now as an "Influenza-like Illness" or ILI hotline: if a caller has questions about ILI or has complaints about ILI symptoms, the hotline can connect the caller to a health professional."

"All three services are available at that single phone number, and all three are available the same hours. Our goal is for callers to experience seamless service from the hotline system."

Download the slides from this webinar.