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NRHA: Historic Rural Spending in Stimulus Heads to President Obama's Desk

03/31/10  United States of America

From the National Rural Health Association (NRHA):

On Friday, February 13th, 2009, both the House of Representatives (246 to 183) and Senate (60 to 38) passed the final package of a massive stimulus package containing historic levels of spending for rural America.  Previously, both the House and Senate had passed stimulus packages (NRHA summary on the House package / NRHA summary on the Senate package) that were combined in the final conference agreement. We anticipate the President signing the stimulus package into law by early next week.

The NRHA won a large victory for rural health with the inclusion of $500 million for health workforce training and $1 billion for prevention services within appropriations or funding programs.  Highlighted rural health appropriated funding includes:

  • $2 billion to the Office of the National Coordinator of HIT to make sure that providers, especially in underserved communities, have money to invest and implement HIT in their facilities
  • $500 million for health workforce programs
  • $1 billion to fund prevention and wellness programs
  • $500 million for the Indian Health Services medical facilities
  • $1 billion for the Veterans Administration construction, including medical facilities
  • $2 billion for Section 330 facilities, including Community Health Centers
  • At least $3.5 billion for rural broadband implementation programs (half of the overall pot) to develop the next generation broadband networks in rural America through a series of programs
  • $130 million for rural community facility development, which will translate to well over $1 billion in guaranteed loans for rural facilities, including health care facilities
  • $1.1 billion for health care comparative effectiveness research
  • $1.38 billion for waste and waste water programs for rural

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