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NHSC Loan Repayment Application Cycle Now Open!

12/03/10  Online

The National Health Service Corps loan repayment application cycle is now open.

There are several exciting changes to the program including:
  • Increase in Financial Support. The Corps loan repayment program now begins with an initial award of up to $60,000 for two years of service. You may receive up to $170,000 in loan repayment for completing a five-year service commitment and, with continued service, may be able to pay off all eligible student loans.
  • More Flexible Options to Complete Your Service. The loan repayment program now offers three options for fulfilling your service obligation - a two-year full-time contract, a four-year half-time contract, and a two-year half-time contract.
  • Increased Credit for Teaching. The service obligation for clinical practice hours has been updated to include a 20 percent credit for teaching and a 50 percent credit for teaching at a Teaching Health Center.
Join the more than 7,000 NHSC clinicians who are providing quality primary health care to the nation’s medically underserved communities at more than 10,000 NHSC-approved sites by completing your application.

Visit NHSC.hrsa.gov for more information and to begin your application process. If you have specific questions, please call 1-800-221-9393.