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Kresge Capital Challenge Grant Program

03/30/10  Rural Oregon

Building nonprofit sustainability through capital challenge grants.

A capital campaign can do much more than build a building.  It can strengthen your organization, fuel its growth, and extend and enrich the connections that make the organization effective and sustainable in your community.

A capital campaign provides an opportunity to reach out to new donors and volunteers, helping them understand the value of your mission and your organization.  It is about relationships: nurturing old ones and developing new ones.  It is about learning and planning the best ways to operate your organization with what you have now—and what you will have in the future.

Through this Capital Challenge Grant Program, we provide an incentive and a tool your organization can use to build long-term relationships with donors and volunteer leaders beyond the building project. The challenge requires organizations to meet 100% of their fund raising goals. The solicitation process provides organizations an opportunity to make a compelling case to stakeholders to contribute to the immediate capital need and then beyond for ongoing operating needs.

We invest in organizations that have engaged boards, capable senior staff, loyal donors, and committed volunteers.  We believe that a healthy, sustainable nonprofit can deliver the greatest benefit to the community it serves.

For more information, please visit the Kresge Foundation.