Knight Cancer Institute Community Partnership Program

07/17/15  Portland, Ore.

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is accepting applications to reduce cancer’s impact on Oregonians.

To be considered for funding, applicants must submit an Intent to Apply form by noon on Aug. 13, 2015. Full proposals will be due on Sept. 8. Complete instructions on how to apply and a link to the request for proposals document are available on the Community Partnership Program website.

Potential applicants are encouraged to participate in a Community Partnership Program application assistance webinar on Tuesday, July 28 or Monday, Aug. 3, and a project design and evaluation webinar on Tuesday, Aug. 11 or Thursday, Aug. 20. The webinars will each be recorded and posted on our website. Learn more about the webinar times and sign up through the registration link.

Grants provided through the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Community Partnership Program can be used to fund community projects that address needs anywhere along the cancer continuum, from projects that promote ways to reduce the risk of developing the disease to detection efforts, treatment and, ultimately, efforts that support survivors. Any organization with an interest in reducing the burden of cancer or cancer-related health disparities in their community is encouraged to submit a proposal.

The Community Partnership Program was designed to provide communities with the resources they need to tailor cancer-related projects so they work to meet the specific needs of their residents. Early stage grants provide up to $10,000 in funding, developmental grants offer up to $25,000, and program advancement grants supply up to $50,000. Multiple tiers of funding offer organizations the option to apply regardless of the phase of work they are in. The support can be used to develop an initial idea into a project. As the project evolves, organizations can apply for additional funding offered through the tiers. The goal is to offer different levels of support so projects can grow into sustainable programs for the community.

Projects accepted for funding will also gain access to a range of OHSU resources to support evidence-based project development, aid in planning evaluation measures, and share best practices.

The Community Partnership Program in February awarded $462,656 in funding to 17 projects statewide as part of the first round of grants. Projects selected in the initial round represented 23 Oregon counties and a wide range of populations in both rural and urban communities. The goal of the second round of funding is to continue expanding the program to build on that success.

To reach a program representative who can answer questions about developing a proposal, send an email to , or call 503 494-1617 and select “option 6” for the Community Partnership Program.