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HRSA: H1N1 Guidance Has Been Updated

04/05/10  USA

The HRSA 2009 Novel H1N1 Influenza Guidance for HRSA grantees has been updated.

The guidance was originally released on 8/14/09 and has now been updated through 9/15/09.

The preparedness and response effort to the 2009 Novel H1N1 Influenza Pandemic is ongoing and this web page will continue to be updated as new and pertinent information is released.

The H1N1 guidance provided through this web page is voluntary. HRSA is providing this to help HRSA–funded programs plan how to best protect their workforce and serve their communities. When products and updates in support of H1N1 pandemic response efforts are released, these will be posted to www.hrsa.gov/h1n1/.