The Eastern Oregon Healthy Living Alliance Announces New Executive Director

09/22/15  The Dalles, Ore.

The Eastern Oregon Healthy Living Alliance (EOHLA), a newly formed nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve community health in Eastern Oregon, has announced the selection of John Adams, MA as its new Executive Director.

Adams will act as the first director for the organization. The selection was made after a regional search and selection process, during which Adams served as the Community Health Improvement Partnership Program Manager at Lake Health District in Lakeview, Oregon.

“We are very pleased to announce this appointment,” reported Andrea Fletcher, MPH and EOHLA Board President. “John has the experience, energy, and skills to lead EOHLA as we work to improve community health, and he will bring leadership and stability to the EOHLA’s programs and organization.~ Hiring John as the EOHLA director is a key first step to establish our new nonprofit and begin to impact overall health in Eastern Oregon.”

Adams’ resume includes over 10 years of experience with nonprofit organizations, including several years as director of non-profit community organizations in the San Francisco Bay area. John has a Master's degree education in Consciousness and Transformative Studies from JFK University in Pleasant Hill, CA and a Political Science degree from the University of Oregon. He also served as the CHIP Program Manager at Lake Health District in Lakeview, Oregon, where he supported the Lake County Community Advisory Council and the development and implementation of the Lake County Community Health Improvement Plan.

“I look forward to serving the EOHLA in this new capacity,” said Adams. “I’m excited about the opportunity and the challenge. Through the EOHLA, I can continue to pursue work that I’m passionate about, which is empowering individuals and communities to create, support, and foster just, healthy, engaged, and sustainable communities and environments. The EOHLA will play a key role in supporting community health development initiatives in Eastern Oregon.”

The Eastern Oregon Healthy Living Alliance is a nonprofit organization that was formed in August 2014 to support community health development in a 12 county region of Eastern Oregon, including overseeing the implementation of the Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization’s Regional Community Health Improvement Plan. The plan focuses on:

  • Early Childhood Health Provide integrated services for children ages 0-5
  • Mental Health To improve the skill sets of residents of the 12 county region of Eastern Oregon to recognize and seek treatment for mental health issues
  • Community Health Workers To implement a standardized approach to the use of Community Health Workers
  • Oral Health Improve oral health for children 10 and under
  • Public Health Integration (Chronic Disease Management) Better align public health services with primary care for population health management
  • Local Community Advisory Council Skill Development Improve the skill set of all Local Community Advisory Council members

Interested persons are invited to learn more about the EOHLA and the regional plan, please contact the Executive Director, John Adams | 541-219-0907 |