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Dr. Lisa Dodson is Oregon Family Doctor of the Year

04/05/10  Portland, OR

Lisa Dodson, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine, and Director of the Oregon Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) Program, was selected as Oregon Family Doctor of the Year for 2009.

The announcement was made at the May 2009 Annual Meeting of the Oregon Academy of Family Physicians in Sun River. The nomination packet supporting her selection contained letters from 37 patients and colleagues. One letter pointed out that, in her AHEC role, Dr. Dodson serves not just a single community, but the entire state of Oregon. Others writing support letters praised her as a caring physician with a vibrant personality. “When you see her, she always has a smile.”

Dr. Dodson joined the Department of Family Medicine as a resident in 1988, and has served OHSU and Oregon in many roles, including her years in rural practice in John Day and Elgin. She currently is leading the development of the Oregon Rural Scholars Program for OHSU medical students. Dr. Dodson is the first woman faculty member to be presented with this award.