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Oregon's Community-based Health Care Improvement Program

04/05/10  Salem, OR

The Oregon Legislative Assembly passed Senate Bill 862 in 2009 directing the Office for Oregon Health Policy and Research (OHPR) to certify three pilot initiatives for a community based health care improvement program.

Oregon’s program, also known as “three-share” or multi-share”, is modeled after Michigan’s Access Health program. The pilot initiatives will implement community-based health care improvement programs to provide health care services to low-wage workers. These programs are historically financed through contributions from employers, employees and the local community.

Administrative rules have been adopted, and OHPR is now accepting applications from interested community based initiatives. By statute, OHPR may approve no more than three community-based health care initiatives from 2009-2013. Applications will be received until three community-based healthcare improvement initiatives have successfully been certified. Please refer to form CBI-1 for application information and program requirements.

For further information about the program or certification application, please contact Marian Blankenship at 503-373-1792, , or visit the Program's website.