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CMS Special Open Door Forum Archive

03/31/10  Online

CMS has begun to archive audio and related files from their Special Open Door Forums. Of particular interest is the May 20, 2008 Special Forum on potential wage index reform. There has been a great deal of discussion around this area in the past several years including TRHC legislation, MedPAC proposals, and the current proposed FY09 IPPS regulation.

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Open Door Forum Overview

The "Open Door Forums" provide an opportunity for live dialogue between CMS and the provider community at large, in order to understand and then help find solutions to contemporary program issues. Such issues may already exist or may be just developing within the various patient care settings impacted by agency regulations. Provider forum participants learn from each other's discussions, uncover useful clarifications regarding the different rules and instructions associated with coverage, coding, and payment, and generally become more of an asset to their office or facility's well being. The forums also proactively engage beneficiary advocates - in discussions of the opportunities and challenges associated with supporting access, improving medical outcomes, lowering costs, and improving quality within our programs.

Following the enactment of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003 (commonly referred to as the Medicare Modernization Act, or MMA), CMS has continued to increase the opportunities for the healthcare community at large to interact with the agency and also with its Regional Offices. Educational and training events held by CMS throughout the country are enhancing the successful implementation of the many provisions found in the MMA that will positively impact the lives of our Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP beneficiaries.

The Open Door Forums will continue to serve as one of the many ways for the agency and our healthcare partners to advance our combined goal of delivering quality healthcare for our nation's seniors and beneficiaries with disabilities. While the forums are sometimes utilized to provide an informal and candid discussion of recently proposed regulations or draft guidance, they remain intended in all circumstances to be a complementary dialogue, and cannot take the place of the formal comment periods associated with the rulemaking process.

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