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CancerCare’s “Door to Door” Multiple Myeloma Transportation Assistance Program

04/05/10  Oregon

CancerCare is pleased to announce a special program for multiple myeloma patients. As a result of a generous grant, we are now able to offer an enhanced grant for transportation related expenses of up to $600 a year through CancerCare’s “Door to Door” Multiple Myeloma Transportation Assistance Program.

The purpose of this program is to assist multiple myeloma patients who are in treatment to offset the cost of medically related transportation expenses. This grant is for transportation to medical care and includes not only visits for active treatment but any visit associated with care such as lab work, scans, supportive and palliative care.

Examples of covered travel expenses may include gas, tolls, parking, taxi and car service, public transportation, ambulette (not ambulance) and paratransit costs.

Clients must have their diagnosis confirmed by their doctor and meet the program's financial requirement which is the adjusted gross household income of 400% above the Federal Poverty Level. They will also be required to provide verification of income as well as proof of approved expenditures. To be eligible, clients must be citizens or legal residents.

Clients must be prescreened and can initiate the process by calling 1-800-813-4673 and speaking with a social worker for an assessment. They will then be sent a special application form designed just for this program. You can get more information by going to http://www.cancercare.org