Toolkit Presentation Offered to Improve Flu Vaccination Rates at Critical Access Hospitals

08/29/16  Portland, Ore.

As part of ORH’s focus on quality related activities under the Flex Grant, ORH recognized a need for resources to help CAHs educate staff on the importance of receiving the influenza vaccine as well as promoting the influenza vaccine to patients.

The influenza vaccine is the most effective method of preventing the influenza virus infection and its potentially severe complications. The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy recognized this and added two immunization measure sets to the Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Program (MBQIP):

IMM-2: Screening and vaccination of inpatients
OP-27: Influenza Vaccine Coverage among Healthcare Personnel

To assist CAHs, ORH partnered with The Oregon Immunization Program (OIP) to improve patient and healthcare worker (HCW) seasonal influenza vaccine administration rates. The project included the development and disbursement of Staff Influenza Education Presentation which can be easily adapted by any CAH to better educate their workforce on the importance of receiving influenza immunizations.

OIP is committed to provide continued technical assistance to CAHs who are interested in improving their influenza vaccine rates for the health care workforce or patient population or who might be struggling with immunization related issues.

ORH is happy to provide access to the Influenza Education Presentation for anyone who is interested in incorporating it into their infection prevention education program.

For questions related to this project, or MBQIP in general, please contact Stacie Rothwell at .