AMHPAC Vacancy Announcement

01/05/16  Portland, Ore.

The Addictions and Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council (AMHPAC) is accepting applications.

The applications are for:

  • Young Adult in Transition in recovery from a behavioral health disorder
  • Adult in recovery from a mental health disorder
  • Adult in recovery from a substance use disorder
  • Family member of a child/children with a serious emotional disorder
  • Military Member Representative

Please email a completed application to or fax 503-378-8467.
Applications will be reviewed by the AMHPAC Nomination Committee. Please provide a detailed response to each question. A resume or letter of support is encouraged. The application and scoring sheet are here.

For more information about AMHPAC, please visit the website at

Please contact Jackie Fabrick, Behavioral Health Planner, at 503-756-2882 or with any questions.