Rural and Frontier Providers: Orgon's Public Health Advisory Board (PHAB) Needs Your Feedback

05/03/17  Portland, Ore.

Oregon's Health Advisory Board requests feedback.

Rural and Frontier Providers: Oregon's Public Health Advisory Board (PHAB) Needs Your Feedback 

Oregon's Public Health Advisory Board (PHAB) is developing a set of accountability metrics for state and local health departments. These metrics will be used to track progress toward improving health outcomes for everyone in Oregon and demonstrate the value of a modern public health system. For many of these proposed measures, improvements will best be achieved through collaborative approaches between public health and health care.  

PHAB has developed an initial set of recommendations for public health metrics and is soliciting feedback from public health stakeholders on these metrics. 

Please complete the Public Health Accountability Metrics survey by May 12, 2017.  

Your feedback will be used to make final selections of public health accountability metrics.  

More information about public health modernization is available at Please direct questions to .