Seasonal Hazards


Each season can bring special activities that can cause us to be less careful. Here are a few helpful hints to keep your family and friends healthy and poison safe.

Summer Hazards

Sun and laughter abounds under the summer sun. It is important to remember that these warm and relaxing months can bring an increase in the opportunities for accidents with poisons.
Information about Summer Hazards

Fall Hazards

The leaves on the trees are turning from green to yellow, orange and red. Summers heat has gone. Autumn has come to the Pacific Northwest. The Poison center would like to alert you to some of the hazards associated with these months.
Information about Autumn Hazards

Winter Hazards

Winter is often known as the season of coughs and colds. The Poison center would like to alert you to some of the potential poisons that can challenge your family's health and safety.
Information about Winter Hazards

Spring Hazards

The advent of spring brings warmer days, blue skies and blooming flowers. The change in weather can challenge your family's rules for poison safety.
Information about Spring Hazards    

Holiday Hazards

Families gather around during the holidays to celebrate together as one. Joyful celebrations can also bring accidents with poisons. Don't let the unexpected ruin your time together. Join in the fun and prevent injuries from poisons.
Information about Holiday Hazards

More holiday safety information can be found on PDF files by selecting the links below:

Holiday Food Safety Quiz 2015