Training & Education

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5/10/2016 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Undescended Testes, Hernias, and Hydroceles," J. Christopher Austin, M.D., Associate Professor Urology, Pediatric Urologist, OHSU. (Please contact for a password to watch this webinar, and for a PDF of the presentation.)

3/8/2016 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Management of Acne and Eczema ", Sabra Leitenberger, MD, Dermatology, OHSU

2/9/2016 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Asthma Burden and Best Practices, Oregon Asthma Program", Leah Fisher, Asthma Program Coordinator, Oregon Health Authority

1/12/2016 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Update on OPAL-K (Oregon Psychiatric Access Line for Kids)", Keith Cheng, MD, Medical Director,Oregon Psychiatric Access Line for Kids, OHSU

12/8/2015 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Parent Partner Participation in the Primary Care Office", RJ Gillespie, MD, MHPE, Medical Director, Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership, OHSU

11/10/2015 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Diagnosis and Management of Type 2 Diabetes", Ines Guttmann-Bauman,  Pediatric Medical Director, Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center, OHSU

10/13/2015 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Tone Management of Children with Cerebral Palsy", Jenny Wilson, MD, Assistant Professor, Pediatric Neurology, Doernbecher Children's Hospital, OHSU

9/29/2015 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Communication With the CDRC", Amy Wright, Patient Access Supervisor, Child Development & Rehabilitation Center, OHSU

5/12/2015 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Headache in Children with Special health Needs" (29mins), Jenny Wilson, MD, Assistant Professor, Pediatric Neurology, Doernbecher Children's Hospital, CDRC, OHSU

4/14/2015 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Helpful Resources for Families of CYSHN" (32mins), Tamara Bakewell, Project Coordinator, Oregon Family to Family Health Information Center, OCCYSHN

3/10/2015 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Putting on the Brakes: Behavior Management" (33mins), Sage Saxton, PsyD, Child Psychology, CDRC

2/10/2015 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Giving Difficult News to Families" (27mins), Shelley Barnes, BS, Family Involvement Network Coordinator, OCCYSHN, OHSU and Kurt Freeman, PhD, ABPP, Behavioral Pediatrics Treatment Program, CDRC, OHSU

1/13/2015 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Short Stature & Growth Hormone Therapy in Children with Special Health Needs" (30mins), Katie Woods, MD, Peds Endocrinology/Diabetes, OHSU

12/9/2014 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "All Things Gastrostomy" (29mins), Steve Gorsek, MA, CCC/SLP, CDRC/IDD, OHSU & Anne Schenk, RD, CSP, LD, Doernbecher Childrens Hospital, OHSU

11/11/2014 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "GERD in Children with Special Health Needs" (33mins), Ramya Ramraj MD, OHSU Gastroenterology

10/14/2014 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Early Identification of Cerebral Palsy in Young Children" (31mins), Peter Blasco MD, OHSU  Pediatrics

6/26/2014 Webinar: Oregon Family to Family Health Information Center: "I/DD Suports for Children in Oregon (K Plan)" 
Leslie Sutton, Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities. Bruce Baker, Oregon Developmental Disability Services  

11/12/2013 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Pertussis and Seasonal Influenza: What Providers for CYSHN Need to Know" / Judith Guzman-Cottrill, DO, Associate Professor, Pediatrics Division of Infectious Diseases, Pediatric Medical Director, Infection Prevention & Control, OHSU (Length 34mins)

9/10/2013 Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Beyond Miralax: Treating Constipation and Encopresis in Children... and What's Special about Treating Children with Special Health Needs" / Amy Garcia, MD, MS, Assistant Professor in Pediatric Gastroenterology, OHSU (Length 31 mins)

3/12/2013: Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "This Child's Not Growing!" Now What? / Susan Filkins, MS, RD, LD, OHSU (Length 33 mins)

1/8/2013: Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Identification of Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents" / Arlene Hagen, MD, OHSU (Length 25 mins)

12/11/2012: Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Who are Genetic Counselors and How Can They Help You and the Families in Your Practice" / Kory Keller, MS, CGC and Karen Kovak, MS, CGC, OHSU (Length 29 mins)

11/13/2012: Webinar:  Pain Management for Kids with Special Health Needs / Helen Turner, DNP, PCNS, OHSU (Length 30 mins)

10/18/2012: Webinar:  Nutrition Resources for Children with Special Health Needs / Joan Zerzan, MS, RD, CD, Nutrition Consultant, Washington State Department of Health Children with Special Health Care Needs Program

10/09/2012: Webinar:  Coffee Time Consultation: "Tips for a Successful Office Visit" / Michele Raddish, MD, Providence (Length 28 mins)

9/11/2012: Webinar: Coffee Time Consultation: "Risky Encounters-Psychotropic Drug Interactions and Ideas for Safer Options" / Meg Cary, MD, MPH, OHSU Child Psychiatry (Length 20 mins)

7/24/2012: Webinar:  ORCHIDS Data and Quality Improvement  / Candace Artemenko, Nancy Lowry, Rosalia Messina, and Mary Ann Evans

6/28/2012:  Video: Supporting Health Care Transitions from Pediatric to Adult Care - Opening Doors to a Healthy Future  / W. Carl Cooley, MD

6/28/2012:  Video: Enhancing Partnership between Community-based Resources and the Primary Care Medical Home /  W. Carl Cooley, MD

6/5/2012:  Webinar:  Coffee Time Consultation: "War is not the answer" - Effective Strategies for Oppositional Children / Kurt A. Freeman, Ph.D., ABPP (Length 47 mins)

5/8/2012:  Webinar:  Coffee Time Consultation: "Current Concepts in Pediatric Evidence Based Treatments for ADHD" / Keith Cheng MD  (Length 45 mins)

4/27/2012:  Workshop: Trauma: Impact on Children and Opportunities for Healing / Dr. Burr-Harris

4/10/2012:  Webinar:  Coffee Time Consultation: "Pediatric Genetic Testing" / Jonathan Zonana, M.D.  (Length 45 mins)

4/6/2012:  Webinar:  "Is your Family Ready?": Emergency Planning and Preparation for Oregon's Families of Children with Disabilities and CSHN / Danielle Bailey, Oregon Office on Disability and Health (Length 50 mins); Presentation, Emergency Preparedness Picture Aid, Ready Now Toolkit

2/23/2012:  Webinar:  Coffee Time Consultation: "When Melatonin Does Not Work" / Kyle P. Johnson, MD  (Length 41 mins)

5/5/2011: Webinar:  Pediatric Pain  / Helen Turner, D.N.P., P.C.N.S. ; Pediatric Pain Powerpoint

2/3/2011:  Video:  Opportunities, Challenges, and Complexities of Transition for Youth with Special Health Needs / Bonnie Strickland, Ph.D.  (Length 58 min 9 sec)

2/3/2011:  Video: What do we know about health transition? / Christina Bethell, Ph.D., MBA, MPH (Length: 33 min 51 sec)

2/3/2011: Video: Oregon Youth Health Forum 2011 - Family and Youth Panel (Length 44 mins 8 sec)

2/3/2011:  Video:  Empowering Family and Youth Involvement in Transition: What does it look like and how do we achieve progress?  / Mallory Cyr  (Length: 32 min 3 sec)

5/18/2010:  Webinar: Transition Planning  /  Randall Phelps, MD, PhD  (Length: 1 hr 11 min) ; Transition Planning Powerpoint

4/14/2010:  Webinar:  Nutrition and Feeding / Nancy Lowry et al. (Length: 3 hr 44 min)

2/9/2010:  Webinar:  ADHD Behavior Management  / Sage Saxton, PsyD  (Length: 1 hr 26 mins)  ADHD Behavior Management PowerPoint

2/9/2010: Webinar:  ADHD Medication Management  / Bridget O'Boyle-Jordan, CPNP, MSN  (Length: 1 hr 10 mins) 

1/20/2010:  Webinar:  Screening Children for Autism  / Robin McCoy, MD (Length 52 mins) ; Screening for Autism PowerPoint

1/20/2010:  Webinar:  Sensory Dysfunction Strategies for Autism  / Kersti Pettit-Kekel, OTR/L  (Length: 57 mins) ; Sensory Dysfunction Strategies for Autism PowerPoint

12/7/2009:  Webinar:  Developmental Surveillance and Monitoring  / Dr. Brian Rogers, MD (Length: 1 hr 55 mins) ;Intro to Developmental Diagnosis and Motor Development PowerPoint ;
Language Development and Visual Learning PowerPoint

10/13/2009: Webinar:  Congenital Hearth Disease / Julie Martchenke, PNP (Length 1 hr 48 mins) ; Congenital Heart Disease PowerPoint

8/5/2009:  Webinar:  EHDI Program; Hearing Technology for Children and Hearing Bill 2589  / Bridget Roemmich, MPA, et al. (Length: 1 hr 45 mins)

4/1/2009: Webinar:  Medically Fragile Children's Program  /  Debra Burke (Length 1 hr 18 mins)

1/22/2009:  Webinar: CaCoon Eligibility Codes Q&A  / Candace Artemenko, RN BSN, and Nancy Lowry, RN MSN (Length: 1 hr 2 mins)

12/2/2008:  Webinar:  Nutrition and Down Syndrome  / Joan Medlen, RD, LD (Length 1 hr 10 mins) Nutrition and Down Syndrome PowerPoint

12/2/2008:  Webinar:  WIC Food Package  / Cheryl Alto, MS, RD (Length 1 hr 5 mins) ; WIC PowerPoint