My Child's Diagnosis: Information and Support

Parents tell us...

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"It would have been helpful to have someone in the beginning to talk to." "I was scared to have a 'label' on my baby." "I didn't know where to start.  I didn't look at all the papers I got during my son's diagnosis, for awhile.  Once I calmed down, I found good information, referrals, and next steps." "At our one month follow up we asked for help in setting priorities and getting started with the Autism Parent Training Program and Occupational Therapy." "My daughter is 12 now, I am still learning about her diagnosis and future."

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Learn about specific conditions/diagnoses                                        

Find helpful information about hundreds of medical conditions and diagnoses.                                                                           

John's Hopkins Medicine: Health Library  

SAMSHA: Mental Health Services Education Materials

Children's Minnesota (hospital): Education Materials

National Organization for Rare Disorders: rare disease information 

Genetic and Rare Disease Information Center                                                                                                                                                                 

National Institutes of Health   

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention: condition fact sheets                              

Use the web to find trustworthy resources.

Identify the best types of internet sites to research your child's condition.

Access To Credible Genetics Resource Network: Trust it or Trash It?   

How to Find Good Information