OHSU Recycling

OHSU takes recycling and its benefits very seriously. Not only do we have a free, comprehensive campus-wide recycling program for research and labs, hospitals and clinics and general facilities, our Grounds department and Environmental Health & Radiation Safety department also have programs that conserve our natural resources.

OHSU Recycling Center provides free, comprehensive recycling services for your department.


Items You Can Recycle At OHSU




At OHSU you can recycle paper by placing it in any of the paper recycling containers placed around campus.  Paper that can be recycled includes any colored paper, books of all kinds, magazines, catalogs, blueprints, paperboard, cardstock, and newspaper.




 Hard Plastic

Hard Plastic


You can recycle hard plastic at OHSU by placing it in any container labeled for plastic, aluminum, steel, or plastic film.  You can recycle many types of hard plastics including items container recycling numbers 1-7, milk jugs, buckets, clam shell food containers (cleaned) and cleaner bottles.



 Soft Plastic

Soft Plastic


Soft plastic can be placed in any recycling container at OHSU that is labeled for plastic, plastic film, aluminum or steel.  All stretch wrap, plastic bags and liners can be placed in these containers.  The principle rule of thumb is that if it stretches, it can be recycled at OHSU.




aluminumAluminum and Metals


At OHSU, if you see a container labeled for plastic, aluminum, plastic film or steel, place your aluminum and metals in them.  We accept aluminum foil, aluminum food containers, aluminum cans, tin cans, aerosol cans, coat hangers, all metals with no wires.







At OHSU, we recycle all colors of glass bottles.  Please place them in glass containers only.  Please no Pyrex, broken glass, or light bulbs.







OHSU recycles corrugated cardboard.  If you work in Education and Research areas, please call 4-6175 for information about how to dispose of cardboard.  If you work in a hospital or clinic area on Marquam Hill, please contact Environmental Services at 4-8707.  Please flatten all cardboard.







We recycle Styrofoam with number 4 and 6, as well as peanuts.  Please place all Styrofoam near a recycling container.  Please bag peanuts and large amounts of Styrofoam for ease of removal by the recycling staff.  






At OHSU, we recycle all batteries except car batteries.  If you have batteries you need recycled, Please place them in a box beside your recycling containers or call 4-6175 for a bucket.





Toner and Ink CartridgesToner and Ink Cartridges


We recycle all toner and ink cartridges.  Please place them next to a recycling container to have them picked up by the recycling staff.





Cell Phones and PDA's

Drop off your cell phone and/or PDA at the Telcom Wireless office located in the basement of Baird Hall.




AT OHSU we provide a variety of recycling containers to meet your departments recycling needs.  At present the following containers are available.  In addition to the containers pictured below, we provide lockable confidential material containers at a cost.  If you'd like to order a confidential container, call 4-8813, if you'd like to order a recycling container free of charge, call 4-6175.


barrelPaper Recycling Barrel


This container can be delivered to your department for use in recycling paper products.  They are approximately 55 gallons.  In circumstances where there is no room for one of these, a smaller white barrel may be available.





under deskUnder Desk Recycling Container


You can request one of these containers for ease of collection.  They fit nicely under your desk.  They are not emptied by the recycling staff, but you can use these to transport your recyclables to any of the larger containers that are.



plastic aluminum glassPlastic, Aluminum and Glass Stacker


For your plastic, aluminum and glass recycling needs, the OHSU recycling department can provide one of these stacking containers.  They can be ordered in sets of 1, 2 or 3.  Since plastic and aluminum can be put together, only two are needed to have a complete set, but if you recycle a lot of plastic or aluminum, consider ordering a 2-stacker.  







battery bucketBattery Bucket


For batteries, consider requesting one of these buckets for your department.  They are picked up by the recycling staff upon request and are small and can fit just about anywhere.








I would like to order the blue barrels used for paper recycling. Is there a limit of barrels that I can order?

You may have as many as you need.


How often does the blue barrels get picked up for recycling?

Once weekly, however if it fills before the next pick up call 4-6175.


I would like to order the stacking recycling containers. How do I do that?

Call the Recycling Center at 4-6175 and place an order for one.


How do I order locking confidential materials containers?

Call 4-8813 and place an order for one.  These come at a cost to your department.


What do I do with my cans and bottles?

The Recycling Center provides containers for both cans and bottles.  Call the Recycling Center at 4-6175 for containers.


How do I recycle my cardboard?

For information on recycling cardboard in Hospital and Clinic areas on Marquam Hill, call 4-8707.  For Education and Research Areas, call 4-6175.

Is recycling worthwhile?

Recycling is one of the best environmental success stories of the late 20th century. Recycling, which includes composting, diverted nearly 70 million tons of material away from landfills and incinerators in 2000, up from 34 million tons in 1990—doubling in just 10 years. Recycling turns materials that would otherwise become waste into valuable resources. As a matter of fact, collecting recyclable materials is just the first step in a series of actions that generate a host of financial, environmental, and societal returns.




OHSU Grounds

The OHSU Grounds department coordinates the unifying exterior design elements of the OHSU campus, preserving the historical and aesthetic values and enhancing the relationships between buildings, open spaces and plant materials.  Any yard waste generated by the grounds department is recycled.

Native tree species are considered whenever possible for planting, as well as ornamental varieties that tolerate our regions growing and climatic conditions. Careful evaluations are made before a final selection of a tree is made, hoping for perpetuity to the future generations of staff, students, patients and visitors. For instance, the Peter Kohler Pavilion will introduce a new genus and species, Salix lasinandra or Pacific willow, a native of the Pacific Northwest.  The OHSU campus has 50+ genera of trees cataloged, representing 100% genus and species. An example of genera is Prunus, representing cherry and plum trees (pictured). Within the genera, the campus has 9 species planted, totaling 31 trees.


Hazardous Waste Recycling

Hazardous waste as defined by OHSU includes chemical wastes described in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), chemical substances regulated by the Clean Water Act, and other toxic substances determined to be hazardous to the environment.  OHSU Environmental Health & Radiation Safety follows these strict policies. One of the hazardous items frequently recycled in cooperation with EHRS are flourescent light tubes.  If you have questions or would like to know more about how you can recycle Hazardous Waste, please visit EHRS web site.