Start a Recycling Program 

OHSU takes recycling and its benefits very seriously. OHSU offers free, comprehensive campus-wide recycling for research facilities and laboratories, hospitals, clinics and general facilities. OHSU's Grounds department and Environmental Health & Radiation Safety department also operate programs that conserve OHSU's natural resources and reduce waste. OHSU's Recycling Center provides free, comprehensive recycling services for all departments on Marquam Hill campus, as well as Macadam Warehouse, Marquam Plaza, Marquam II and ADP. 


Volunteer or Attend GreenTeam Events 

Staying true to our mission statement, the GreenTeam hosts sustainability educational events throughout the year to inspire environmental education, awareness and action. We welcome all OHSU community members attendance and participation in the planning process.


Join the Green Team

GreenTeam membership is free and open to all members whom volunteer their time. Being a GreenTeam member is an opportunity to co-design and lead sustainable, green projects for OHSU, and attend Green Team meetings, which at time feature guest speakers on issues of sustainability. GreenTeam membership also provides opportunities to become involved in making decisions on some issues that impact OHSU's sustainability as a whole.

Sustainability Success Stories and Suggestions

It is important to the GreenTeam to share with the OHSU community what other groups on campus are doing in support of the environment. Please contact the GreenTeam if you would like to share your story or provide any suggestions you may have about how the GreenTeam can take action to further OHSU's green commitment.