Green Purchasing Tips

Purchasing Green items can really make a difference.  Not only can it reduce waste, but it can also conserve energy and resources.  Here are some tips for making your work purchasing practices Green.

  • Check with the OHSU Office Supply Reuse Program before you buy anything.  There are two shops for free reused office supplies.  They are located in the Recycling Center (Green Doors on Parking Garage next to the dock at the School of Dentistry) and in room 216 in CDRC-West.  
  • Purchase recycled copy paper
  • Buy energy efficient office equipment
  • Buy office supplies with recycled content
  • Buy recycled toner and ink cartridges
  • Check with your supply vendor to see how far an item has to travel before arriving at your office
  • Purchase items with as little packaging as possible, buying bulk tends to limit the amount of packaging
  • Purchase multiple items at once, it reduces the amount of trips the courier has to take
  • Look for items advertised or marked as being green
  • Use both sides of paper, turn the backsides of paper into scratch paper
  • Purchase durable items.  If something lasts a long time, it's less likely to have to be reused or recycled. 

Using these tips will help lessen your impact on the environment while often saving you money.  Remember, the Office Supply Reuse Program is free to all OHSU Employees, for use at work.