Take Action

"OHSU is committed to being a leader in environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. We believe a healthy environment is essential for a healthy community. Thanks to the GreenTeam for their hard work and dedication!"

- OHSU President, Joe Robertson Jr., M.D., M.B.A.


OHSU's commitment to being a leader in environmentally friendly and sustainable practices can be seen in many different facets throughout the organization.  Some of these include:

  • Center for Health and Healing achieving LEED certification.
  • Biomedical Research Building achieving LEED certification.
  • Food and Nutrition installing a food pulper in order to increase composting.
  • OHSU Hospital South O.R. team developing a recycling program for materials used in operating rooms.
  • A partnership with Practice Green Health, and Green Guide for Health Care.
  • Green options for purchasing through Staples.
  • Free recycling services.
  • The Office Supply Reuse Program through OHSU's Recycling Department.

With OHSU taking action on environmental issues, the GreenTeam encourages everybody to also take action, both while at work and while out in the community or at home.