Practice Green Health

The nation's leading networking organization for healthcare institutions who have made a commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly healthcare practices.

Friends of Marquam Nature Park

A community-based non-profit organization dedicated to conserving, maintaining and enhancing the resources of Marquam Nature Park through educating the public about it's unique beauty and history.  Their web site has trail maps and other information about how to get involved with this wonderful natural environment located right in OHSU's backyard.

Ecological Mail Coalition

A coalition developed to limit the amount of bulk mail being recieved by companies around the country, especially those addressed to employees no longer working with a particular company.  It saves paper and reduces carbon emissions from transportation. 

The Green Guide For Health Care

A best practices guide for sustainable building design, construction and operations for the health care industry.  It assists leader of health care institutions promote the health of patients, employees, and visitors, while also promosting economic and efficient operations.