The Green Team promotes environmental sustainability and enhancement at OHSU through education, awareness and action. Read about sustainability at OHSU.

The Green Team is a volunteer organization within OHSU whose members uphold a mission statement of promoting environmental sustainability and enhancement at OHSU through education, awareness, and action.

The Green Team formed in 2004 in response to employee's desires to strengthen OHSU's commitment to environmental sustainability. The Green Team recognizes OHSU's substantial environmental, economic, and social impacts on the region it serves, and asserts that OHSU must take steps to reduce its impact by implementing institution-wide sustainability commitments, operations and best practices. Only by recognizing the dependence of human health on a healthy environment , and actively working to reduce its environmental impact on the communities it serves, will OHSU be able to fully achieve its mission of "healing, teaching, and discovery."

Since the Green Team's inception in 2004, approximately 230 members have joined. Participation is voluntary, cross-disciplinary, and varies widely, from 'interested parties' who submit ideas via the website, to 'active members' who attend the regular meetings. Members may participate in project task teams, event planning, research, and/or sustainability outreach.