Paul Miller, Organizational Effectiveness

June 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Paul Miller

Recently, members of my department were asked to participate in the production of a fire drill training video.As a team, all were awesome and I intend to nominate them for a team award. However, there was one person, Paul Miller, senior trainer, I would like to recognize separately for his extraordinary "take action" approach to the production of the video.

As our team of actors reviewed the script someone said "Paul should be in here." Knowing Paul did not want to be an actor in front of the camera he gladly accepted a role behind the scenes. Within the hour Paul had turned our script into this awesome detailed-specific, action-filled storyboard that was super easy to follow.

When filming occurred the next day, Paul worked closely with the EdComm team, by giving direction and cues to the actors. Paul also brought in a strobe light to use during filming to simulate the fire alarm's flashing lights. Paul put 110% effort into this project. His actions made all us novice actors feel comfortable and confident, which resulted in a successful video.