Kendra Fowler, Surgery, South OR

June 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Kendra Fowler

Kendra Fowler is an exceptional Perioperative Nurse. She is currently the team leader of our cardiac services and has done an amazing job facilitating our new Cardiac/Vascular hybrid room opening while managing her complex and busy service. The new hybrid room includes cutting edge technology and required that she partner with countless other departments to ensure success. She has outstanding clinical knowledge and tremendous interpersonal skills. She has gone above and beyond to train our large staff on how to safely use the new technology in this room and is making being available for this a top priority.

Recently, amidst all of this, there was a cardiac procedure that caused major stress to some of the team members. With no hesitation, she made time for the whole team to debrief about this, share experience and emotions, and reported back to management for support.

By being so vested in her team and its wellbeing, she has gone far and above my expectations. Her focus is truly on creating an environment where the absolute best patient care can happen.