Glenna Davis — Human Resources Manager, Emergency Medicine

March 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Glenna Davis — Human Resources Manager, Emergency Medicine
Glenna is the Human Resources manager for our department and is always looking for ways to engage our staff, build a culture of teamwork, collaboration and appreciation and ways to give back to the community.

She had the idea to do a department blood drive to give back to the community and when she contacted the Red Cross, she was referred back to a coordinator at OHSU. Glenna made the contact and got our department involved in the OHSU blood drives. However, in the process Glenna identified that the current blood drive plans were a drop in the bucket for what could be expected of an organization with about 14,000 employees.

With Glenna's help in getting the message out better to the OHSU community the Red Cross went from a goal for OHSU of 192 units over 4 drives in 2011 to a goal of 972 units over 12 drives for 2013. This is well above and beyond Glenna's position responsibilities, but speaks to her commitment and dedication when she sees an opportunity for improvement that can benefit so many people. For this reason I nominate her for a Golden Rose Award.