Oregon Health Policy and Research

Oregon's Office of Health Policy and Research (OHPR) maintains  information from Oregon hospitals regarding volume, in-hospital death rate and utilization for 15 procedures or conditions.

The way they define those key terms is as follows:

  • Volume: How many patients were admitted to the hospital for the procedure.
  • In-hospital death rate: The number of patients who died in the hospital following the procedure or as a result of the medical condition.
  • Utilization: How often the procedure was performed.

Please note:

OHPR has attempted to adjust the data to make accurate comparisons between organizations. They acknowledge that their adjustment process is not perfect because they use billing data, rather than clinical data, to make their comparisons. Aspects that may affect comparisons across hospitals include:

  • Differences in hospital coding for billing reports and different reporting practices
  • The uniqueness of each patient, and the severity and complexity of his or her medical history and condition.
  • The hospital’s level of expertise, resources and the scope of services the hospital is able to provide based on its location and teaching status.


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