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OHSU is Irreplaceable

Health care delivery is changing, but OHSU’s mission remains the same: Improve the health and well-being of all Oregonians.

By constantly working to improve efficiencies, utilizing the latest technology and partnering with area providers, we offer better patient experiences, lower the cost of health care and help improve the health of our community.

As the health care landscape changes, OHSU continues to focus on providing excellent care for the most complex cases and adapting to meet new challenges to health insurance and the cost to employers and payers.

In addition, we provide brokers with information that demonstrates how OHSU benefits health care through research, innovative treatments, advocacy, partnerships and education. Watch for future broker courses and read the fact sheets proving OHSU is irreplaceable.


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getting back patients back to work sooner


Seamlessly transitioning patients to community care

nursing skills: ohsu is  irreplaceable

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