Vaginal Breech Deliveries

Pregnant belly at OHSU

OHSU hospital offers breech vaginal birth for mothers who qualify based on Ultrasound and other testing. Please talk to your doctor or midwife about breech delivery.

What is a breech birth? 

Babies may be in any position in early pregnancy, but most settle into a headfirst position near the end of the pregnancy. Occasionally, babies do not turn and are expected to be born bottom-first or feet-first in a breech position. As you get closer to your due date, your doctor or midwife will be able to tell (by physical exam, ultrasound or both) if your baby is breech. 

Can my baby be delivered vaginally breech if he/she does not turn? 

OHSU hospital is supportive of breech vaginal birth for mothers who qualify. Babies must be not be in footling breech and ultrasound and other testing is required. There are risks to both breech delivery and cesarean delivery which your doctor will explain so you can decide what is best, and safest, for you and your bab(ies). 

Please talk to your OHSU doctor or midwife about breech delivery.

Patient Breech Birth Story

"The entire team worked together so well to help me have exactly the birth I wanted. I had a natural birth and a healthy baby—and a lot of support around those decisions."

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OHSU effort aims to reduce the number of cesarean section births

OHSU hospital is one of a handful nationwide that allows planned vaginal breech births, encourages VBACs and has implemented practices it hopes will result in fewer surgical deliveries.

As featured in: Oregon Live