Eryn's Birth Story

I had a non-typical, but very pleasant birth experience and I credit a lot of that to [my midwife] for her grace and strength under pressure. 

Because I changed employers and health insurance during my pregnancy, I had a choice of providers.  I took this choice very seriously, visiting several different groups around the Portland area. I chose to work with a midwife and the group at OHSU’s Center for Women’s Health because they explained the type of birth experience that I wanted to have.

My visits were enjoyable. I met with almost every midwife in the group.  I even got my belly drawn on when I asked [my midwife] if she could kindly explain the position of the baby in my tummy.  What a great, fun thing to do.  However, it was my birth…that really proved the wisdom of my choice.  I had what I later learned is called a precipitous labor.  Instead of working through early labor at home, I was all the way through active labor and transition into stage two before I got to the hospital.  When I arrived at the ER on August 16, I was crowning.  This was our first child, so you can probably imagine how scared my husband and I were racing to the ER. We were quickly surrounded by a bevy of doctors and nurses.  I saw the labor that had been under my control slowly becoming very hectic and managed.  When [my midwife] arrived downstairs (just in time), she took over the small room and within seconds created a birth space for me that was comfortable.  Although he was born in ER, which was not my plan; my son came into this world exactly how I hoped he would.  I felt cared for in the way that I was assured I would be when I first interviewed the midwife group.  That care continued as we took the elevator up to the labor and delivery floor.  I love that [the midwife] and the student who was with her that day stayed with me, helped me clean up, got me a sandwich.  I have told [my midwife] how thankful we were for her; I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you and others the same.  She was brilliant and I am so happy that I chose to work with a midwife.

I am a huge proponent of the care of the care a woman receives from a midwife.  I want you to know how supportive I am of this program and the importance of midwives in general. 

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Words From Our Patients

"I just want to take this opportunity to again thank you and the Midwifery group at OHSU for taking such wonderful care of us during my pregnancy! I so appreciated your concern and empathy throughout my pregnancy and birth as well as your taking the time to not only listen to me but to hear me."
- OHSU Nurse-Midwife Patient