Sexual Health in Women Impacted by Cancer Program

Many women who are treated for cancer experience changes to their bodies that impact their sexual health. Our program – the only one of its kind in the Portland region -- helps women understand and cope with these problems through personalized education, counseling and treatment plans.

Our program is designed for all women impacted by cancer, including:

  • Women who have been or are currently being treated for cancer
  • Women who have had risk-reducing surgeries
  • Women who have been recently diagnosed with cancer and want to know what to expect

Common sexual health issues for women impacted by cancer are:

  • Pain with intercourse
  • Vulvar and vaginal dryness
  • Decreased libido / lack of pleasure during intercourse
  • Difficulty experiencing orgasm
  • Changes in body image
  • Anxiety, depression and fear related to intimacy
  • Changes to their body from cancer treatment

How the program works

Lisa Egan, P.A.-C

We know that many of these issues are sensitive and can be difficult to discuss. You will meet with our specialist, Lisa Egan, P.A.-C, who is not only warm and inviting, but she is uniquely qualified to diagnose and help you navigate your sexual health issues.

Lisa has 13 years of gynecologic oncology experience, working closely with women from their first cancer diagnosis, through their treatment and recovery. She has in-depth knowledge of the gynecologic side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and the impacts on sexual health.

Your initial 60-minute consultation with Lisa includes a physical evaluation and extensive discussion about your sexual health issues. She will work with you to identify and diagnose your problems and develop a treatment plan.  If necessary, the treatment plan will include seeing other specialists at the Center for Women’s Health, like a physical therapist, acupuncturist, mental health therapist or sex educator.  You can schedule follow-up visits with Lisa as needed.

Ongoing research

The Center for Women’s Health conducts clinical trials and research studies around all aspects of women’s health, including strategies for treating sexual dysfunction caused by cancer. The care we give our patients is directly informed by our team’s proven, leading-edge research.