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Happy, Healthy Hearts—Pass It On

How what you eat as a girl and young woman can shape the health of your family and future kids

We had a great event in honor of National Women's Health Week (May 12-16), spotlighting the latest trends, research and tips on nutrition and the heart health of future generations, and featuring four top experts in women's health at OHSU. If you missed it, check out the video of the presentation, embedded below

(Please note that this video contains only audio and the onscreen presentations from each speaker. For the full recording of each speaker giving their presentation, click the pop-out icon in the title bar of the video.)

The presenters:

Dr. Kent Thornburg
Director, OHSU Moore Institute for Nutrition and Wellness

Dr. Thornburg has been involved in leading-edge research proving that what a young woman eats as a tween or teen—long before she ever becomes pregnant—can have a significant effect on her unborn children, and her children's children. It sounds a little like science fiction, but Dr. Thornburg's findings are both scholarly and user-friendly.

Dr. Shimoli Shah

Assistant Professor of Cardiology, Knight Cardiovascular Institute

Dr. Shah recently started seeing patients at the Center for Women's Health. She has special interest in and passion for women's heart health and wellness.

Christie Naze

Registered Dietitian, Center for Women's Health

Ms. Naze is the Center for Women's Health full-time dietitian, and counsels patients on managing the symptoms of chronic diseases, losing weight effectively and increasing energy and the sense of well-being—all through proper nutrition.

Dr. Michelle Berlin

Co-Director, OHSU Center for Women's Health.

Dr. Berlin is one of few obstetrician-gynecologists in the United States who is also fully trained in preventive medicine. She is passionate about providing health care for women throughout their life span. She is also a primary author of "Making the Grade on Women's Health: A National and State-by-State Report Card."


Presented by the OHSU Center for Women's Health and the OHSU Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness