Optimizing Management of the Second Stage of Labor (OMSS): A Multicenter Trial

Clinical Trial Seeking Participants

OMSS: Optimizing Management of the 2nd Stage of Labor: A Multicenter Trial

IRB 10411 (PI: Aaron Caughey, MD, PhD)

The Maternal Fetal Medicine and Urogynecology Research Units are participating in a study to learn more about the management of the second stage of labor. The study sponsor is the National Institute of Health (NIH). 

Trial Status:

Open to Enrollment

Why is this study being done?

Over three million pregnant women labor and give birth in the United States every year. The second stage of labor, defined as the interval from complete cervical dilation through delivery of the baby, is very demanding for both mother and baby. 

Although we have learned a lot about managing labor, there are still many questions about the best way to manage maternal pushing during the second stage of labor. 

The two most common approaches involve either allowing for spontaneous descent (delayed pushing) or initiating pushing with uterine contractions once complete cervical dilation occurs (immediate pushing). 

The purpose of this study is to assess:

  • The effectiveness of immediate vs. delayed pushing at complete cervical dilation on the rate of spontaneous vaginal delivery in nulliparous women. 
  • The rate and extent of pelvic floor muscle injury and signs of pelvic organ prolapse. 
  • The rate of self-reported symptoms of urinary and fecal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. 

Who is eligible to participate?

Women who: 

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Have a singleton pregnancy
  • Will be a first time mom
  • Pregnancy with equal or more than 37 weeks of gestational age at enrollment
  • Delivering at OHSU

What is the compensation for this study?

Participants will receive $50.00 for the main study that ends after the delivery of the baby. Participants would be compensated $100.00 more for a supplemental pelvic floor assessment that would require 3 visits in the 1st 8 months postpartum. 

Whom do I contact for more information?

To find out more information and to learn if you are qualified to participate, email our Clinical Coordinator, Monica Rincon at rincon@ohsu.edu or call office 503-494-8748 or study cell 503-341-8476.