Myo-inositol in Pregnancy

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Purpose of the study is to learn if myo-inositol supplements (supplement in the B-vitamin family) affect your blood sugar and how your body processes food for energy. 

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Research Unit is studying myo-inositol supplementation in pregnancy.  

Qualifications to participate: 

Pregnant <28 weeks gestation 

Plus any of the following
  • Gestational diabetes mellitus currently
  • Family history of diabetes mellitus
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Body mass index prior to pregnancy is >30
  • History of gestational diabetes mellitus in a prior pregnancy

Participation: Your active participation in the study includes 4 office study visits over a 10 day period, blood and urine samples at each of your first 3 visits, keeping a food diary for 7 days, and checking your blood sugars 4 times per day over a 7 day period. The first study visit will be 1-2 hours and each following visit will be approximately 15-30 minutes in duration. 

Qualified participants will receive up to $150.00 for complete of study participation. 

To find out more information and to learn if you are qualified to participate, please contact 503 502-7220, e-mail , or visit our website 

Principal Investigator: Amy M. Valent, DO
eIRB: #15080