Women’s Health News: 2013

Wellness WheelFocusing on wellness through the holidays DEC 2013

While holiday stress can hit anyone, many studies suggest that it hits women harder than most.

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Checking weightFYI: Why Doesn't Plan B Work For Heavier Women? NOV 2013

New research shows over-the-counter morning-after contraception is less likely to work for women weighing more than 165 pounds. OHSU's Alison Edelman explains what we do and don't know about weight ant contraception.

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November thumbnailHOW WILL YOU SAVOR THE SEASON? NOV 2013

Make it about the experiences--not the food

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Footsteps to HealingTwo upcoming events to benefit women's health programs in Ethiopia NOV 2013

A benefit dinner on November 18 and a movie showing on November 21 will raise funds for programs bringing OHSU care and training to rural Ethiopia. Donations are also accepted online. Surgery for one woman in Ethiopia is $175. More

Cancer riskThree ways to help us end cancer as we know it OCT 2013

One in three of us will be diagnosed with cancer during our lifetime. Here are three opportunities for you to join the fight against cancer.

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OHSU Knight ChallengeOHSU's $1 Billion Challenge: Starts Now SEP 2013

On September 20, Phil and Penny Knight issued a $500 million challenge pledge to support OHSU's vision to end cancer as we know it. More

Woman in her 60sOHSU researches connection between sense of smell and Parkinson’s disease SEP 2013

A new Michael J. Fox Foundation-sponsored study at OHSU is exploring whether loss of smell is a precursor for Parkinson's disease. If you are older than 60 and don't have Parkinson's you can participate. More

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All hands inUnderstand and reduce your risk for gynecologic cancers SEP 2013

While gynecologic cancers are often lumped into one group, each cancer is unique and has different signs, symptoms, risk factors, and prevention strategies.

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Latina HealthLatina health and a return to traditional food culture SEP 2013

OHSU's Kent Thornburg, Ph.D., describes how a real change in food culture and women's nutrition could prevent disease for generations to come

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Women's Health AnnualWomen's Health Annual 2013 SEP 2013

A collection of articles on recent women's health developments from OHSU Center for Women's Health experts and others.

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FriendsRx for Health: Stay Active With Friends AUG 2013

Do you enjoy being active with friends? Time spent with friends is important for life happiness and scientifically proven to contribute to your good health. Consider this your prescription to stay active with friends.

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SunscreenTake care: melanoma death rate for women in Oregon is the highest in the country JULY 2013

Dermatologists at OHSU recommend the following tips to help protect you from the harmful effects of the sun.

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Birth Control PillsYou won’t get pregnant if you use the pill, right? Wrong. JULY 2013

OHSU's Dr. Alison Edelman explains how differences in metabolism and other factors can make "the pill" ineffective for about 1% of women.

As featured in: The Washington Post

Top Rated HospitalOHSU ranked No. 1 in Portland and state JULY 2013

According to U.S. News Best Hospitals 2013-14, OHSU ranks No. 1 in the Portland metro area as well as across Oregon. OHSU's gynecology team ranks among the nation’s top 50. Read more

As Featured in: US News and World Report

Woman gardeningWomen's health: Lifelong healthy habits and you'll thrive into old age JUNE 2013

Tips for staying healthy when you're 70-plus, from Dr. Elizabeth Eckstrom, director of geriatrics at Oregon Health & Science University.

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Oregon's Kitchen TableCommunity input to determine health policies requested through Oregon Values and Beliefs Survey JUNE 2013

Now is the time for you to have your voice heard and share your thoughts, values and beliefs on the future of health care in Oregon.

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Dr. Pereira at OHSUJaime Beutler shares diagnosis, raises awareness for Potter's Syndrome June 2013

Dr. Pereira at OHSU answers questions about this rare condition which inhibits normal lung development because of underdeveloped kidneys.

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Shoukhrat Mitalipov, Ph.D.OHSU team successfully converts human skin cells into embryonic stem cells MAY 2013

Dr. Mitalipov's breakthrough work follows early support by the Center for Women's Health Circle of Giving. More

As featured in: The New York Times CNN News NBC News The Wallstreet Journal

DoctorThe Medical Science Behind Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy and BRCA genes MAY 2013

Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy raises questions on who should get genetic test. Heidi Nelson, M.D., M.P.H., and other local cancer experts answer questions about BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. More

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Heart SmartsSix keys to a healthy heart MAY 2013

OHSU ob/gyn doctor, Amy Cantor, M.D., encourages every woman to take steps to maintain a healthy heart.

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FamilySecondary infertility, couples who have trouble conceiving another child MAY 2013

Couples often delay seeking medical advice when they have trouble conceiving the second a second or third time around, says OHSU fertility doctor Diana Wu.

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PregnancyVitamin C may prevent lung problems in babies born to pregnant smokers MAY 2013

Infants born to women who took vitamin C during pregnancy had less wheezing in first year of life. More

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Ovarian Cancer RibbonCommitted to Making Life Better for Others, Jane Werner Establishes an Ovarian Cancer Fund MAY 2013

The Jane Werner Ovarian Cancer Fund is established to help women in treatment for ovarian cancer receive appropriate testing and care. Read more

National Women's Health WeekNational Women's Health Week is May 12-18 MAY 2013

Expect to hear from us about many things you can do to maximize your own health and well-being. For the most current news and updates, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Read more

Fish cansNutrition information for pregnant women and kids MAY 2013

OHSU's Kent Thornburg, Ph.D., discusses the Pregnancy Plate and other tips for moms-to-be and children.

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Matt RabinowitzInnovator Matt Rabinowitz Sifts Gene Data for Healthy Pregnancies APRIL 2013

Cori Feist, a genetic counselor at Oregon Health & Science University, and others discuss the benefits and limitations of new genetic testing options.

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My Pregnancy Plate - prenatal nutrition guide from OHSU'My Pregnancy Plate' helps moms-to-be with nutrition APRIL 2013

OHSU nutritionist, Christie Naze, R.D., C.D.E., shares practical food tips for moms-to-be and information on the new My Pregnancy Plate. More

As featured in:  oregonlive.com

BikeUnderwear with bike shorts? Advice for Bikers APRIL 2013

OHSU urogynecologist, Renee Edwards, M.D., weighs in on the debate. No, this isn't the first time she has been asked.

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Tanja Pejovic - OHSUInternational Study Identifies Genetic Markers for Cancer MARCH 2013

Study holds tremendous implications for early detection and treatment of ovarian, breast and prostate cancer. Read more

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PregnancyDo more women need diabetes care when pregnant? MARCH 2013

Doctors debate test that would declare more pregnancies diabetic.OHSU's Dr. Aaron Caughey and Jeanne-Marie Guise participate at national conference.

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Drs Edwards and BerlinA pivotal moment for women's health at OHSU FEB 2013

Michelle Berlin and Renee Edwards have been named interim co-directors of the OHSU Center for Women's Health. This leadership transition positions the Center to assume a more visible and active role at OHSU, in Oregon and nationally. Read more

BreastfeedingOHSU Takes a 'HealthyStep' by Rewarding Breastfeeding Employees FEB 2013

Breastfeeding and expressing breast milk are options for gaining points in the OHSU employee 'HealthySteps' program. Read more

Stephen Back at OHSU DoernbecherNew hope for helping children born prematurely JAN 2013

Research conducted at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital challenges long-held belief that low blood flow to the premature brain necessarily kills brain cells. More

As featured in: Science Daily News NewScientist

Girl Looking Down the RoadNew OHSU research helps explain early-onset puberty in females JAN 2013

New research from Oregon Health & Science University has provided significant insight into the reasons why early-onset puberty occurs in females. Read more

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Portland Monthly Top Docs 2013Portland Monthly Names 112 OHSU Providers in Top Doctors of Portland JAN 2013

Portland Monthly's eighth annual Top Docs and Nurses recognizes outstanding medical professionals in the metro area. On the list are 112 OHSU providers including 8 in women's health specialties.

As featured in: Portland Monthly Magazine
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