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Women's Health Monthly: November 2016

When it was founded, the OHSU Center for Women's Health was one of just a handful of women's health centers in the United States. We helped blaze the trail in woman-focused health care, and now have a beautiful clinic offering a full spectrum of women's health services. We have worked with the Circle of Giving to invest more than $1.6 million in women's health research, and provide classes, conferences and newsletters that empower women to realize their health potential. 

But we didn't lead the way alone. Blazing the trail by our side were the generous donors and community partners who have been with us from the start and truly made us what we are today. Thank you. 

Just as key to our success are the torch bearers who join us along the way. With your support, we can continue sparking the research and knowledge that illuminate how women should be cared for differently.  

Pick up the torch and join us! Make a donation and help us continue down the path towards realizing the full potential of women's health and well-being.

Here's what we can accomplish together: 

  • We've created a collaborative, multi-disciplinary clinic that cares for women differently, through every age and every health need. Your support will help us continue to add specialties and increase collaboration among health care providers.
  • We've shown the importance of research and education that acknowledges how women are different –from biology to the impacts of disease to the most effective treatments. Your support will help us invest in research that adds to the body of women's health knowledge and share our insights.
  • We've developed programs to help women confidently navigate their health care. From our upcoming Making Sense of Menopause conference to childbirth and early parenting education to this very newsletter, we're providing women with information and tools to thrive. Your support will help us offer more conferences and classes at affordable prices.
Above all, your donation will help us deepen understanding of women's health. This improves health outcomes for everyone –at OHSU and beyond!  

So here's to the trailblazers –and the torch bearers. 

We can accomplish so much together in the coming year. Please consider making a donation to support our work. Thank you. 

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