Radio Broadcasts

Egg donation
We’ll hear from fertility experts and patients about helping couples fulfill their family wishes. (6/23/2012)

Women's health
Dr. Renee Edwards joins us to talk about a women's health issue many women are afraid to discuss. Dr. Edwards specializes in surgical and conservative treatment of urinary incontinence and treats various types of pelvic organ prolapse conditions. (5/12/2012)

Beginning a family
Fertility issues can take a huge mental toll on couples who want to begin a family. Dr. Diana Wu joins us to tell you what OHSU can do to assist. (5/12/2012)

Pelvic prolapse
Dr. Mary Anna Denman joins us to talk about a common issue faced by aging women. (4/21/2012)

Lowering the C-section rate
We'll learn about efforts to make C-section births less common and therefore less dramatic for moms. Dr. Leonardo Pereira and Ellen Tilden join us to discuss lowering the C-section rate. (4/28/2012)

Preserving fertility during cancer
Listen in to Dr. David M. Lee and Mary B. Zelinski discuss battling cancer while maintaining the ability to have kids. (3/10/2012)

Yoga and mindfulness
We're talking about yoga and mindfulness with Kimberly Carter. (2/4/2012)

Integrated medicine
Dr. Lynne Shinto will tell you what integrated medicine is and why it's so important to so many Oregonians. (2/4/2012)

Family planning
Dr. Jeff Jensen joins us to discuss family planning. (2/4/2012)

Women and disease
What makes women more susceptible to some infectious diseases? One of our researchers explains. (1/7/2012)

Heart Disease in Women
Heart disease remains a leading cause of illness and death for Northwest women. What are we doing to fight it and how are men and women strikingly different when it comes to heart health? Dr. Diana Rinkevich, director of the Heart Disease in Women Program at OHSU joins us to talk about these issues. (10/8/2011)