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Women donors fund OHSU researcher's quest to unlock liver-breast cancer puzzle May 2015

Dr. Pepper Schedin, who plans to examine the size of women’s livers during and after pregnancy and its possible connection to breast cancer deaths receives the 2015 grant from the OHSU Center for Women's Health Circle of Giving.

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5 Things OB-GYNs Wish More Women Knew About Pregnancy May 2015

Dr. Aaron Caughey offers some insights on the 5 Things OB-GYNs wish women knew about pregnancy -  from the annual ACOG conference.

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Take steps for a healthier you May 2015

Our May newsletter is full of events in honor of National Women's Health Week, as well as tips on how to take steps toward your best health. We hope you join us!

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The One Vaccine Every Teenager Needs Apr 2015

Dr. Jennifer Edman from the OHSU Center for Women's Health talks about when and why the HPV vaccine is so important for our young adults.

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How the latest research is expanding your contraception options Apr 2015

Our April newsletter discusses research into new contraception options for women, and how you can participate in this important work.

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What epigenetics means for you Mar 2015

Our March newsletter is all about epigenetics and the ways that the environment you live in affects your genes. Join us on March 13 to learn more!

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Sleep tight Feb 2015

Sleeping well can help memory, improve your mood, boost metabolism and strengthen your immune system.

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Giving is Good Dec 2014

It is better to give than to receive--and that goes for your health, too. OHSU experts explain how charity benefits your well-being.

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Here to support you Nov 2014

Never be afraid to laugh too hard for fear of a little leakage--OHSU experts explain female incontinence and pelvic floor disorders, and how to treat them, in our November newsletter.

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Trending Now in Healthcare Oct 2014

Group prenatal visits create community among expecting parents, and represent a new trend in healthcare.

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Finding a home in primary care Sep 2014

New CWH Primary Care chief Christine Kelso, M.D., M.P.H., discusses the importance of collaboration in keeping her patients healthy and well.

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