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OHSU's Dr. Berlin discusses Jolie's preventative surgery Mar 2015

OHSU Center for Women's Health Co-Director Dr. Michelle Berlin discusses Angelina Jolie's announcement of her recent preventative surgery choice. The important message for you? Know your family history and talk to your health care provider.

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7 things you didn't know about your boobs Mar 2015

Center for Women's Health Co-Director Dr. Michelle Berlin reassures women that small differences in the size and shape of their breasts are common.

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Bariatric Surgery before Pregnancy — Is This a Solution to a Big Problem? Mar 2015

Dr. Aaron Caughey provides the accompanying editorial for a new study of bariatric surgery before pregnancy, and its potential risks and benefits.

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Room for Debate: Is home birth ever a safe choice? Mar 2015

Dr. Aaron Caughey joins the conversation on home birth, and its risks and benefits. More women are having home births today than at any time in 25 years, and it's important to be informed about the risks.

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What epigenetics means for you Mar 2015

Our March newsletter is all about epigenetics and the ways that the environment you live in affects your genes. Join us on March 13 to learn more!

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Sleep tight Feb 2015

Sleeping well can help memory, improve your mood, boost metabolism and strengthen your immune system.

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Babies born through assisted reproduction are getting healthier Feb 2015

During the last 20 years, babies born through assisted reproduction have become healthier as their rates of premature birth, low birth weight, stillbirth and infant death have all decreased. OHSU's Dr. Paula Amato, is featured.

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Choose for yourself Jan 2015

Women often lead nutrition and health care decisions for their families and communities.

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Giving is Good Dec 2014

It is better to give than to receive--and that goes for your health, too. OHSU experts explain how charity benefits your well-being.

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Here to support you Nov 2014

Never be afraid to laugh too hard for fear of a little leakage--OHSU experts explain female incontinence and pelvic floor disorders, and how to treat them, in our November newsletter.

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Trending Now in Healthcare Oct 2014

Group prenatal visits create community among expecting parents, and represent a new trend in healthcare.

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Finding a home in primary care Sep 2014

New CWH Primary Care chief Christine Kelso, M.D., M.P.H., discusses the importance of collaboration in keeping her patients healthy and well.

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August thumbnailDemystifying Mammograms AUGUST 2014

Regular mammograms are a crucial health tool-–here are some tips about mammography that you may not know.

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July thumbnailMeet us at the Farmers Market JULY 2014

Check out the OHSU Farmers Market on July 15 for fun tips and information about healthy eating.

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June cropHelp for Painful Sex JUNE 2014

OHSU doctor Martha Goetsch offers hope to women suffering from pain during intercourse

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May newsletterTo Your Health! MAY 2014

May 11-17 is National Women's Health week—celebrate with us!

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Spring exercisePut Some Spring in Your Step APRIL 2014

Walking our talk and doing our bodies a world of good.

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Healthy eatingImproving Your Health–One Bite at a Time MARCH 2014

Let's ask ourselves: how can we change the food culture for this and future generations?

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Heart HealthLove your heart! FEBRUARY 2014

As we make plans for Valentine's Day it's good to remember that February is a great time to be aware of how to keep your heart healthy.

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bernie delaneyMeet Portland's 'heart-healthiest woman' JAN 2014

OHSU employee Bernie Delaney lowered her blood pressure and cholesterol when she lost 58 pounds in a year. (Bonus: she now loves wearing heels.)

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mother and Baby HealthMother-Fetus health 'is just the beginning' JAN 2014

Moore Institute fellow Larry Wallack outlines how intergenerational and environmental factors are key to improving public health.

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New YearReady to take on the new year? JAN 2014

So we'd like to help you make 2014 your smartest year yet, with easy, bite-sized actions—like taking a class, attending a seminar or learning something new.

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