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Fire preventionOHSU Researchers Partner With Women Firefighters to Protect Children NOV 2011

Children younger than 5 are particularly vulnerable to fire- and heat-related injury and trauma in the home. New safety videos aiming to prevent childbhood injuries are online at safemoms.org, in English and Spanish. Read more

Tubal Ligation Stats

When Twentysomethings Choose Sterilization NOV 2011

OHSU's Dr. Paula Bednarek discusses factors to consider for women choosing tubal ligation, and why they might be changing.

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Woman on BedrestOne in five pregnant American women are put on bed rest annually: Is it working? OCT 2011

Though often prescribed, there is little evidence that bed rest helps prevent complications from pregnancy or improves the health of babies.

See: Bed rest: Often used, never proven, pages 32-34

Aaron CaugheyWomen don’t have to push so much: On Labor and How Epidurals Changed Childbirth SEP 2011

OHSU's Dr. Aaron Caughey talks about factors influencing c-section rates and why women may need more time to labor.

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Ovarian Cancer AwarenessSeptember is National Ovarian Cancer Month: Screening Efforts Continue SEP 2011

Through the Oregon Ovarian Cancer Registry, OHSU is working to develop better hereditary screening methods for ovarian cancer.

Oregon Ovarian Cancer Registry

PregnancyResearch Forefront: Fetal Origins of Obestity and Disease SEP 2011

OHSU research shows how moms who eat a high-fat diet before and during pregnancy may 'program' their babies to be fatter, at risk for chronic disease in later in life. More

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OBGYN CME ProgramNov 3-4: 35th Annual Pacific NW Update in OB/GYN and Women’s Health SEP 2011

Our annual conference at the Governor Hotel in downtown Portland is less than two months away, and the excitement continues to build.
See course details and registration

Baby 39-40 weeksOHSU and Other Hospitals Agree: "Healthy Babies Are Worth The Wait"  AUG 2011

OHSU is one of 17 Oregon hospitals have come together to agree to put a “hard stop” on elective non-medically necessary inductions and C-sections before 39 weeks gestation by September 1, 2011.

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Two pregnant women at OHSUOHSU effort aims to reduce the number of cesarean section births JULY 2011

OHSU hospital is one of a handful nationwide that allows planned vaginal breech births, encourages VBACs and has implemented practices it hopes will result in fewer surgical deliveries.

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Breast Milk DonationBreast Milk Donations Help Save Lives JULY 2011

Breastfeeding moms can help critically ill children by donating excess milk. OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital opens Beaverton's first breast milk drop-off site. Read more

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IUD ResearchOHSU Study Shows It's Safe to Get IUD Right After Abortion, Miscarriage JUNE 2011

Research at Oregon Health & Science University found that women who delayed their insertion of an intrauterine birth control device, or IUD, after an abortion were more likely to become pregnant. Read more

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Antonio Frias at OHSUStudy Reveals How High-Fat Diet During Pregnancy Increases Risk of Stillbirth JUNE 2011

New research shows eating high-fat diet during pregnancy decreases blood flow from the mother to the placenta, increasing the risk of still birth. Read more

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Doctor at OHSU measuring babyOregon's newborns getting bigger JUNE 2011

Director of quality and safety for women and infants at OHSU, Dr. Jeanne-Marie Guise, and OHSU researcher, Dr. David Barker, discuss how a high-fat diet may be a contributing factor.

As featured in: Oregon Live  Salem Statesman Journal
Martha Goetsch

2011 Circle of Giving Awards MAY 2011

Martha Goetsch, M.D., M.P.H., will receive $125,000 for her project entitled Therapy to Prevent Sexual Pain in Menopausal Survivors of Breast Cancer. The Cirlce of Giving program is supported philanthropically by a group of women who are passionate about advancing women’s health research at OHSU. Read more

BabyHome Births on the Rise in the U.S. MAY 2011

Director of the OHSU Center for Women's Health, Aaron Caughey, M.D., Ph.D., talks to WebMD about the possible correlation between the recent increase in homebirths and the rising c-section rate.

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Prenatal Group at OHSUGroup Prenatal Care Focuses on Success in Labor, Delivery – and Motherhood MAY 2011

Group prenatal care combines prenatal care with a discussion and support group of women who share similar due dates. Learn more

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GraphEconomy Pushes Birth Rate Down MAY 2011

Multnomah County records show a steep drop in births over the past three years. Aaron Caughey, chairman of the Oregon Health & Science University Department of Obstetrics, says he’s convinced the drop in the local birth rate is tied to the economy.

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Women's Health CenterOur Internal Medicine Program is Undergoing a Transition MAY 2011

A thriving internal medicine practice within the Center for Women's Health continues to be an integral part of our vision. Planning for an updated internal medicine program is currently underway. Read more

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Happy BabyOHSU's Nurse-Midwifery Graduate Program ranked #1 By U.S. News and World Report

For the second time in a row, the OHSU School of Nursing is recognized for national excellence and innovation in nurse-midwifery training. Learn about the OHSU Nurse-Midwives
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Fertility ScienceResearch Collaboration Advances Fertility Protection During Cancer Treatment FEB 2011

As a result of research conducted at OHSU, Massachusetts General Hospital and Battelle, many women may be able to beat cancer and still maintain fertility. Read more

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Do Birth Control Pills Cause Weight Gain? New Research Says No JAN 2011

OHSU study debunks contraceptive weight-gain issue. Read more

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patient at OHSUOHSU Research Yields New Treatments for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding JAN 2011

Two recently completed studies done at OHSU have led to new FDA-approved treatments for heavy menstrual bleeding. Read more

2011 Winter NewsletterWinter 2011 Newsletter Released JAN 2011

Dr. Caughey's first 100 Days at OHSU
Progress report on Circle of Giving Awards
Update on the Campaign to Eradicate Cervical Cancer
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