The Division of Acute Care Surgery

GordyThe Division of Acute Care Surgery at Oregon Health & Science University  uses the acute care surgery model which encompasses urgent surgical specialties:  trauma surgery, surgical critical care and acute care surgery.   

Acute Care Surgery Surgery is staffed with surgeons and operating teams equipped to provide acute general surgery patients with a timely surgical assessment and operative management day or night. 

An Acute Care Surgical patient may be one who is:

  • Transferred from an outside hospital with a complicated surgical need requiring specialized surgical care
  • An admission from the Emergency Department with an acute surgical need night or day 
  • A hospitalized patient who may additionally require acute surgical intervention.

Our division is comprised of knowledgeable and skilled surgeons, residents, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and ancillary staff.  This team of dedicated staff provides quality care to the acutely and critically ill patients of the Pacific Northwest Region including Alaska. 

The Service utilizes an evidence-based medicine approach in caring for patients which decreases variability in treatment, cost of care, decreases length of stay and improves patient outcomes. 
The patient is cared for by the Team through the continuum from the Emergency Department > Operating Room > Intensive Care Unit > Ward until discharge providing for continuity of patient care.   

Additionally, The Division of Acute Care Surgery service is dedicated to educate medical students, residents, fellows and nurses to increase their understanding and provide complex care to the surgical patient.