Northwest States Syllabus 2013


Lessons learned from multiple patient incidents

Jeffrey Salomone, M.D.

Trauma Top 10: 10 through 6
Richard Mullins, M.D.

Ethical Issues in Trauma
Karen Brasel, M.D.

De-Mystifying Plain Radiograph Reading
Marc Gosselin, M.D.

Rules, Rules, and More Rules: Pediatric Brain Injury and C Spine Rules
Matt Hansen, M.D.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Novel Blood Products in Trauma
Martin Schreiber, M.D.

Controversies in pre hospital Trauma Care- Material is unavailable at this time

Jeffrey Salomone, M.D

Spine Fractures: Which ones require transfer and which ones don’t?
Alex Ching, M.D.

What Probiotics do for Trauma Patients?
Robert Martindale, M.D.

Trauma Top 10: 5 through 1
Richard Mullins, M.D.

 Mass Casualty: Real life experience, Pendleton Oregon bus crash

Unique situations beyond triage

Jennifer Peterson, RN ,  Brad Adams, M.D.

Umatilla County bus crash

Gary Woodson, Fire Chief- paramedic,  Matt Benedict, Captain Paramedic