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28th Annual Northwest States Trauma Conference

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Call for Poster Submissions

You are invited to submit a poster fro presentation at the 2017 Northwest States Trauma Conference, May 3-5, 2017. The poster should highlight any patient care improvement, process advancement or policy development within your trauma program. It does not have to be a scientific abstract or be evidence-based, but should reflect a successful initiative that wold be of benefit or interest to other trauma programs.

The poster should include the following information:

1. Background: Define the issue or problem. Describe the importance and purpose of your work and the application to other trauma programs.
2. Process: Describe how you designed and carried out the process. What was the intervention? What information/date were collected, measured and analyzed?
3. Conclusion/Implications: Summarize the outcomes and lessons learned from this project.What are the implications of your findings related to patient outcomes, practice or policy? What remains to be learned? What are the next steps or recommendations?

Return the completed PowerPoint slide of your poster to
by April 15th. OHSU will print and display your posters on the evening of May 3rd at the 28th Annual Northwest States Trauma Conference.

Please see note the  Sample Poster and Poster Template for reference:

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