HeartThe Center for Heart Failure and Transplantation at OHSU is the largest and longest-running heart transplant program in the region.

The Heart Transplant Program at OHSU is the largest and longest running heart transplant program in the region. Each person receiving a heart transplant receives care from a multidisciplinary team of cardiologists, surgeons, transplant nurse coordinators, financial coordinators, social workers, nutritionists, pharmacists and patient services coordinators, all who specialize in the care of patients with advanced heart failure. Together, this group of specialists evaluates and treats heart failure patients with the most appropriate advanced therapies available, including heart transplantation.For some people, a heart transplant is the only possible treatment option.

OHSU cardiac surgeons have performed more than 600 heart transplants, and OHSU is the only hospital in Oregon where heart transplants are certified by Medicare and Medicaid.

After the transplant, we provide regular monitoring for complications, 24-hour availability for diagnosis and treatment and close coordination between you and the transplant team to ensure a long and full life. OHSU transplant results and outcomes are the best in the Northwest, far exceeding the national average determined by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients.