Physical Therapy

The physical therapists at the OHSU Spine Center have specialized training in prescribing the right exercises for spinal conditions. Your therapist tracks your progress with information designed to measure spine health. When you are confident that you can exercise on your own, we help you start exercising independently.

 If you have spondylosis, you may have difficulty tolerating weight-bearing exercise such as walking. Your physical therapist can teach you to exercise in ways that help you stay active and reduce pain. Exercise and training for spondylosis includes:

  • Spine mobility and flexibility exercises
  • Back, abdominal, and hip strengthening exercises to support your spine
  • Training in exercise types that decrease stress on the spine  (swimming, cycling, walking)
  • Training you to lift objects without stressing your spine
  • Training you to lift without putting stress on your spine
  • Helping you cope with pain episodes
  • Training you to protect your joints
  • Swimming pool therapy
  • Training to help nerves move freely