Starting a Study

Research Pharmacy Services aims to provide the best service possible while maintaining patient safety.  Initiation of a study involves many different departments and tasks.  Research Pharmacy Service requires the following prior to dispensing of medication.
  • Investigational Review Board (IRB) approval
  • Signed Cost Estimate
  • Industrial Account Number
  • Alias Account Number
  • Fiscal Authority Identification Number (FAID)
  • RPS Reviewed Order Template

Rules of Thumb:

In corresponding to the Research Pharmacy Services, it is best to include the eIRB number.

Research Pharmacy Services dispensing and administrative fees must be budgeted into the study prior to study start and included on the billing summary.  A cost estimate must be requested prior to study start.  After review of the protocol, a cost estimate will be issued and must be signed and returned prior to study start.  Please request by submitting an e-mail.

If a study has been submitted to the eIRB, it is not required that a written protocol be sent to Research Pharmacy Services.  We are able to access the eIRB to review the protocol, Investigator's brochure, approval status and billing schedule.

A cost estimate must be written prior to a study  start.  To request a cost estimate, contact RPS via e-mail.  Be sure to include the IRB number or electronic copy of the protocol if it is not yet submitted to the IRB as well as the Principal Investigator (PI).  The cost estimate must be signed and returned to the Research Pharmacy.

All account numbers must be received prior to study start.  Research Rate Request Form must be submitted prior to obtaining an industrial account.

Please use our Outpatient and Inpatient order templates.  Study order templates must be reviewed and approved prior to study start.