Physical Therapy

What to expect from physical therapy at the Comprehensive Pain Center

Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

Your treatment will begin with an initial assessment.

  • This is an important visit because it allows us to understand all the issues related to your pain better. During this visit we will establish baseline values related to movement and associated function, make a physical therapy diagnosis, and organize a plan of care for physical therapy services that will be integrated into the larger multidisciplinary plan (including physician and psychology).
  • We encourage individualized goal setting and ask that you set 3 realistic goals related to your daily activities prior to our initial assessment. These goals will be discussed and modified, if necessary, during your visit.
  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing. Shorts are most helpful. Gowns are available if needed.
  • This assessment will take approximately 45 minutes to complete and will be performed by a licensed physical therapist experienced in complex pain-related conditions.
  • Please understand that our initial contact will be purely focused on assessment, as the scope of your care at the CPC is broader than just physical therapy alone and will include a coordinated effort by all appropriate providers.

Follow Up Physical Therapy Appointments

Once your plan of care has been discussed by all appropriate providers at the CPC, you may be scheduled for follow-up visits with your physical therapist at the frequency (number of sessions) and duration (number of weeks) recommended based on the outcome of your initial assessment.

  • We will attempt to coordinate multidisciplinary services as necessary.
  • Follow-up sessions will occur on a one-to-one basis with the same provider who performed the initial assessment.
  • Expect follow-up visits to take approximately 30 minutes.
  • In addition to your therapy contact in clinic, you will be given independent activities to be practiced between visits.

Progress will be assessed during each visit as related to the baseline measurements recorded during your initial assessment.

  • You may be asked to complete brief questionnaires related to functional activities on an intermittent basis that help us to quantify your progress.
  • Your individualized goals will be re-assessed and progressed over time as your function improves.
  • We consider discontinuation of physical therapy services once your individualized goals have been met and function has been maximized.